Your rare blend of talents and strengths has brought you to share them with the world. Developing your personal brand can seem like a mountainous task but we’re here to make it simple. Following our four-part formula, you’ll cover all the bases of personal branding and grow your brand to the rooftops of success.

Your Brand

Your brand should exemplify your lifelong potential – the goals you’ve reached, the people you’ve impacted, and the passions that burn in your heart.

Who You Are and What Sets You Apart

The first step in developing your brand is finding out just who you are. Are you an entrepreneur with a tested strategy to building companies from the ground up? Or are you a social media influencer with a desire to bring joy to the lives of your followers? Whoever you are – identify the aspects of your life that reveal what makes you extraordinary.

Your Purpose

What’s guiding you on this journey to build your personal brand? Whether you’re looking to write your first best-selling book or trying to book your first public speaking gig, define your purpose clearly and know what it takes to reach your aspirations.

Your Audience

In forming your brand, it’s vitally important to research your audience to know exactly what they are looking for. What gap in the online world are you filling? Ensure that your brand is tailored to your audience to naturally and effectively draw them in. Your brand should answer a public need with value and knowledge that only you can supply.

“In today’s world, let’s work smarter, not harder. Let’s cut through the noise together.”

Your Foundation

Build a stunning online presence and that demonstrates your mastery and allures new audiences.

Creating Value

At the base of your brand are the fundamental building blocks of constructing a unified online presence. Consider your favorite retail brand and the building blocks that they’ve constructed to connect with you as a customer. A carefully designed logo and an awe-inspiring website are just a few of the essentials that enable brands to communicate with their clientele throughout the customer journey. Ensure that each of these bases are covered to offer a breathtaking online brand that enlightens and excites your tribe.

Connecting with Your Audience

Today’s social media world enables your brand to connect with your audience at a moment’s notice. Social media’s role in each of our daily lives makes it a crucial part of building your personal brand.

Your Voice

Establish your influence as a veteran of your field by building your credibility and connecting to new audiences.

Your Inspiration

Your lifelong journey has guided you to meaningful encounters that have inspired you to attain our objectives and exceed your expectations. Whether you’re inspired by a book, family member, or public figure, identify who those inspirational people are in your life that have motivated you to reach your ambitions.

Enlightening Your Audience

The path you’ve taken in life has led you to invaluable discoveries and unequalled life lessons. Share what life has instilled in you by providing your community with a variety of engaging content through blogging and social media. By producing content that is valuable and relevant to your industry, you establish a reputation as a thought-leader in your community and boost your credibility.

Your Tribe

Facilitate a thriving community through your bold philosophy and steadfast commitment to your tribe.

Attracting Your Community

Drawing in a committed community of enthusiasts and advocates takes research, preparation and care. Utilizing social media to gain exposure for your brand is paramount in today’s global society. Most importantly, you must ensure that your brand is creating a genuine connection with your audience. That means reaching out to social media influencers, thoughtfully engaging with your followers, and providing useful content worthwhile for your tribe.

Feeding Your Community

Just like a newly planted garden, a community starving for knowledge and advice will inevitably wither. Understand your client’s journey, compile an email list and regularly update your tribe with purposeful content that fulfills what your audience is searching for. Lead your community with fresh content and evergreen information that guides them through their expedition each step of the way. Staying connected in a with your tribe in a meaningful way will build your reputation as a leader in your industry, grow your audience and keep them coming back for more.


This starter guide will entrench you in building your personal brand – one step at a time.

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